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Ensuring Safety Among Our Clients and Staff During COVID-19
We work together to improve your quality of life.

We at Standard Care Supported Living, LLC strives to offer the best possible services by teaming up with professionals who can guarantee high-standard rehabilitation therapies. We offer our patients motivation, encouragement, compassion, and professional assistance that will help our clients achieve their health goals. We work collaboratively to ensure that your loved ones receive quality therapies that will enhance their quality of life.

Our rehabilitative therapies include:

Physical Therapy – We entrust our patients with mobility issues to our physical therapists who can diagnose and treat patients of all ages. Our ultimate goal is to remove anything that limits our clients’ mobility and functional abilities. We strive to restore our client’s stability, balance, and strength and reduce pain and their risks of falls and accidents.

Speech Therapy – Our speech-language pathologists work closely with patients to restore their speech. Our professionals have the expertise to provide our patients with all the assistance they need to overcome their difficulty in swallowing and/or speech problems.

Respiratory Therapy – Our team aims for our client’s overall health which is why we provide this kind of rehabilitation to help with respiratory discomfort. Our respiratory therapists can educate our clients and their family members in ensuring the proper maintenance of open airways and using supplementary oxygen and inhalers.

Occupational Therapy – Our occupational therapists help our patients cope with their condition and increase the success rate of their treatments. We help restore balance, improve motor skills, and generally assist our patients in using their functional skills. We aim to promote your loved one’s health and help them adapt to their environment and condition.

Vocational Rehabilitation – We do not focus on partial health when delivering our care. We rather work with professionals who can guarantee the overall health of our clients. We offer individual strategies to ensure the improvement of our patient’s perception, attention, and memory. Each therapy session is purposed to enhance their thinking skills and reasoning.

Cognitive Rehabilitation – We aim to increase the confidence and self-sufficiency of our clients. Our team offers the best possible treatments that will prepare patients who have suffered injuries or illnesses to get back to their normal functioning and lifestyle. Our well-planned therapy sessions will also aid them in preparing for the workforce.

For more information about the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.